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Фотографии с чемпионатов, соревнований и выступлений Фотографии с чемпионатов, соревнований и выступлений Фотографии с чемпионатов, соревнований и выступлений Фотографии с чемпионатов, соревнований и выступлений Фотографии с чемпионатов, соревнований и выступлений
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If you can console its fans with another source for Dutch goods or a Dutch recipe, please share. q It was there that 2014 world title runner-up Tyler Wright burst onto the scene in 2008 as a wildcard winner at just 14 - the youngest-ever tour event victor. louis vuitton outlet It graded and flattened the pitch of the bluff and built a drainage system to capture groundwater. The entire hillside was planted with native vegetation. Wetlands, a footpath, amphitheater, beach and breakwater also were added. michael kors Heber Springs Coach Johnette Goldman is one of a kind, a true trailblazer for the sports of cross country and track and field in Cleburne County and beyond. Goldman was awarded National Federation of High Schools Coach of the Year for girls cross country in a letter released to the school last week. Under Goldman s direction, the Lady Panthers have won six state championships in cross country (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013). The boys program, which she helps instruct along with head coach Dale Cresswell, has also won six state crowns (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014) in the same span. Time nor space will allow me to list all the wonderful memories I have been blessed to experience while coaching at Heber Springs, said Goldman. Recollections of loading the team up in the back of my S10 two-door Blazer to run Bittle Road when it was dirt. I will ever hold dear the beaming tearful faces of champions. Never will I take for granted the hard dedicated work of so many great kids. There were those hurt faces that worked so hard toward a goal, yet the end result just fell a little short. It is a true blessing to witness the next generation coming through and watching our kid's kids become good athletes in their own right. I will ever be indebted to the goodness people have shown our program and myself; indebted to the giving of time and self by so many parents and fans. The camaraderie and friendships being a teacher/coach at Heber Springs is beyond anyones hope. I am most richly blessed with wonderful memories and trust there are more ahead, added Goldman. Kind, unselfish, encouraging, dedicated, relentless and tireless are some of many words that come to mind when thinking of Goldman. She is a tireless worker, emphasized Heber Athletic Director Brad Reese. She is up here all the time. We tell her to take a break so she doesn t burn herself out. She burns the candle at both ends. She does what she needs to do for these kids whether it be treatment, individual work She is up here working with these kids during the summer with Dale of course. They will load up and go on a bus somewhere to run two or three times a week during the summer. She is at their disposal pretty much 24/7. She has perfected her craft of coaching cross country and track and field, added Reese. Goldman pushes through each day at Godspeed a motto that rubs off on her athletes, who push themselves to the limit while competing whether at summer morning practice or a state meet. Page 2 of 5 - Godspeed is suppose to be a kind expression for one going off on a journey or new undertaking, said Goldman. I mean it as a pray of God s blessings to the young man or woman to whom it is shared, especially at an important meet. I think all this of late is an example of God s grace and mercy. He saves us, though we don t deserve it. Honors that I in no way deserve, but yet bestowed. I am grateful that so many athletes at Heber have not wasted the gift of talent. All good things come from Him. To God be the glory . Madi Fires, who had an integral role for two of the Lady Panthers state championships (2012, 2013), said it s an honor to have a chance to speak about such a special coach and person. I am both honored and intimidated to get to say something about Coach Goldman, because how can anyone put in words the kind of impact she s made on this community. I think I speak for the community when I say there is not an award you can give her that amounts to how amazing she truly is, added Fires. Goldman shies away from the spotlight, but as the coach of a program boasting 12 combined cross country state championships, she can t run from the fact she has positively impacted so many. Coach Goldman is the type of person that gets awarded a National Coach of The Year title and gives credit to everyone else because she doesn t think she is any more special than the next person, Fires said. She s not just a coach. She s the type of person you would be lucky to meet once in your lifetime, and I got to be with her for six years. Six years of her being off the clock and meeting me early in the morning and later at night so I could squeeze my run and lift in between volleyball and softball practices. Six years of her being my FCA leader and Christian example through her caring actions. Six years of her cheering on the sidelines during painful practices, WE ARE THE PANTHERS, THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY PANTHERS! Six years of her waiting at the end of the race telling me she was proud of me, whether I managed to get a PR or one of my worst times yet, because I tried and that s all she ever cared about really, Fires said. Six years of her listening to my complaints and problems, and taking them on as burdens of her own. Six years of her begging to use the gift cards that the team got her, on us. I saw more dedication, love, persistence and motivation in one person in just six years, than I have ever seen in anyone in my entire life. She is the type of person I can only dream about being half as good as, and that s being pretty generous, said Fires. Page 3 of 5 - Although Goldman s title is girls cross country coach, she has made a major impact on the boys too, including former Heber stars Jake Sanders and Justin Smith. Both earned scholarships to run distance at UCA after completing stellar careers at Heber. Sanders time with Goldman helped him choose a career path. The constant love and support I've received from Coach Goldman through the years plays an enormous role in my decision to become not only a coach, but a mentor to many young student athletes, just as she is, said Sanders. What makes her such a great coach is she focuses her time on the mechanics of being a great runner, jumper or thrower, Sanders continued. She understands the sport more than anyone I've ever been around, and knows that first an athlete must become a student in their event if they want to succeed. Along with her coaching abilities, she is a great encourager and knows how to mold an athlete's mind into always having a positive mentality about the upcoming race or event. I never went into a race without knowing I had a coach who believed in me in my years as a Panther. She made sure to keep us humble as a team and always told us, "Let your feet do the talking", which kept our heads on straight and kept us focused on the race or event ahead, and ultimately led to the production of many great athletes and teams. There is not a soul who deserves this award more than Coach Goldman, because she truly is the nation s best track and field coach. So, congratulations to Coach Goldman, you're an inspiration to us all, and I thank you very much for everything you've done and continue to do for me and every individual and team you coach, added Sanders. Smith, who ran for the Panthers from 2003-06, has many fond memories of working with Goldman. I am extremely proud to hear that my former high school cross country coach was named NFHS National Coach of the Year. None other is more deserving than this incredible encourager and leader. Coach Goldman s passion for running, love for young people, and unwavering dedication has impacted the life of so many in our community. My wife, Cassie Smith, and I ran under her guidance for several years. She taught us how to run, but more importantly, she taught us to always believe in ourselves. Congratulations Coach Goldman, you deserve it, emphasized Smith. Goldman logs about as many miles as most of her runners during a meet. During track/cross country meets you could always see her running from one side of the track/course to another, cheering on every one of us no matter what place we were in, said Smith. Page 4 of 5 - Smith also recalls Her and Cresswell always bickering at each other...In a good way, but very funny. She always came to school with a positive attitude. Reese said it s an honor to have Goldman at the school. We are just honored to have her here touching the lives of our kids and our athletes here at Heber Springs. She gives the kids and other coaches credit but she has been the main cog in the wheel here since Coach Wilson left. Goldman arrived at Heber in 1980 after playing basketball and running cross country at UCA, where she graduated college. We did not start girls cross country until 1987, by the encouragement of Mr. Steve Choate and by the example of Coach Harold Wilson, said Goldman. He was taking his distance runners to meets as a prep for spring track. I was junior high basketball, junior high track, and assistant senior high up until then. Lewis Wallace, Joni Hamby, and Dennis Davenport had coached the senior girls basketball and track before that. Goldman continued. I am very grateful that Dr. John Vandiver, Principal Cecil Daves and A.D. Dennis DeBusk gave me a chance. I am thankful G.A. Lynn Daniels asked me to run XC at UCA when she found out I ran for basketball. I am thankful my high school basketball coach, Jessie Bradford, got us together one day after basketball season was over and asked if any of us would be willing to train for track. Goldman coached the Heber girls basketball team from 1980-95 before making the transition to cross country/track. Although she had already began preparing athletes for basketball through cross country. I was already used to running and racing the kids in the fall for cross country as we prepared for the basketball season coming up, playing ball through the winter months, and then switching to track after basketball season ended. My voice issues would no longer allow me to yell over all the noise in a gym, but I could still talk to a kid at an event or as he/she ran by me in a race. It was a blessing in disguise. XC/TF is a better fit for me. Goldman says Heber s success in cross country/track and field encourages the younger kids to reach their potential. The hard workers inspire me, said Goldman. I think the competitiveness is in them already. They just need a chance to let it out. I think they want to contribute to the tradition that is already been set by others before them. Page 5 of 5 - It is a challenge they set for themselves to see if they can be ranked with some of the Heber elite, added Goldman, who received the Arkansas Activities Assocation girls cross country Coach of the Year in 2013. michael kors handbags Share http://www.ray-ban.in.net .header-export div.corner10px_br { gucci outlet What do you do for recreation or to relax? h gucci outlet Captain Fantastic: The Music of Elton John, Jan. 23, $9.99 and up. gucci outlet online The world is a better place because of Cheshire, said fellow Rotarian Robert Robeson, 91, of Laguna Niguel. The price to add the technology to vehicles will range from $2,000 to $10,000 and will decline in a range from 4 percent to 10 percent in the first 10 years as adoption spreads, according to the study. By 2035 about 18 million vehicles may be partially autonomous and 12 million could be full autonomous, which China the largest market by that time. gucci outlet My first ever UK tour back into 2011 finished in Cardiff and as soon as I got off stage, I had to go straight up to Glasgow to start filming Lip Service the very next day. My partner had to drive over to meet me at the venue with all my stuff for the next three months at 11pm. Then we packed everything – including all my band gear – into a Mini and I set off for the near 400 mile journey. I got into Glasgow, had one hour’s sleep and was straight onto set. Worst car journey I’ve ever had, hands down. Also honored as department sailors of the quarter were: Electronics Technician 1st Class Benjamin Chance, Machinist Mate 1st Class Rami Dia, Electronics Technician 1st Class William Printup, and Sonar Technician 1st Class Bryan Wright. gucci outlet Mr. Rabehl is coordinator of the Urban Search and Rescue team, coordinator for the district s self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) program and is the lead for the fire district s replacement of SCBA by doing research, budget input, approval and implementation.He is on the captain eligibility list.Mr. Rabehl and his wife, Amie, have two sons, Zach and Justin.Mrs. Murray started her Chino Valley Fire career in July 2007 as an office technician in the fire prevention division. She was promoted to permit technician in October 2014.The Alta Loma resident holds associate s degrees in business administration and liberal arts.Before coming to Chino Valley Fire, she was a human resources assistant and receptionist for eight years at the Target corporate office. Vickers said law enforcement personnel would not be arresting people who refused to leave. He said they would be taking next of kin information so they would know who to contact "when we come back and you're gone." michael kors outlet Doug is referring to a member of Bishop Auckland’s under-rated collection of late Victorian buildings. It is next to the excellent Yorkshire Bank building, which was built in a light-coloured sandstone in 1898 in a rather grand Scottish baronial style – it has towers and turrets and lions holding shields. s Hudson was a standout at Glenwood School in Phenix City before starring at . louis vuitton And, bringing up the rear ... OAKLAND -- Warriors guard Klay Thompson scored a career-high 52 points and in doing so etched his name in the NBA record book by catching fire as no player ever has. gucci outlet Through: March 1Where: Berkeley Rep Thrust Stage, 2025 Addison St., BerkeleyRunning time: 1 hour, 25 minutes, no intermissionTickets: $35-$79; 510-647-2949, . h louis vuitton MSO music director Edo de Waart led the orchestra, joined by guest violinist Philippe Quint, a last-minute substitution for Daniel Hope, who was forced to withdraw due to injury. http://www.handbags-gucci.net HZ: I don’t have one, I am still waiting to write that one. That’s why you can’t avoid creating, writing, trying to do it better. I never listen to my own soundtrack, because once I finish, I finish and I want to do something new. I am still working. w Jihadist cells remained in Anbar, IS returned in force to Anbar in late ray ban His other main passion is cars, particularly, given his Italian heritage, Ferraris. He hopes to have a Ferrari 156 restored later this year, which has been a 22-year labour of love tracking down all the parts. a Most notably, he is still learning his way around the South Alabama campus. gucci outlet After experiencing its first County/Metro Athletic Conference loss of the season, the Madera girls soccer team didn’t want to have another slip up with first place in the league standings on the line. www.ray-ban.in.net But in subtle ways, the movie's message, and morality, is not so black and white. http://www.guccioutlet.in.net Most expensive thing you’ve bought – other than your car or house – and how much? b www.guccioutlet.name Whether it’s to fight in times of war, participate in military exercises with allied forces, man missile defense batteries in Alaska, support Customs and Border Protection, or conduct security patrols at the Super Bowl, Guard Soldiers perform the same jobs, in the same way, as active-duty soldiers. gucci factory outlet A: It's a new way of making films that we pioneered. 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В GASGAS имеется департамент School of Champions. В каждой стране, где есть официальный дистрибьютор мототехники GASGAS, находится мотошкола, воспитывающая райдеров в триал и эндуро направлении. Россия не исключение, в нашей стране тоже имеется мотошкола по триал и эндуро от департамента GASGAS; занятия проводят мастера спорта, неоднократные Чемпионы России по мототриалуGASGAS.

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